Teacher By Trade; Editor By Design

Are you publishing a novel, finishing a dissertation or essay, or creating ad copy for your business? If so, let me put my skills to work to make your document shine!

I’m glad I hired Shaun to be my editor: his dedication and attention to detail shines through. Like most writers, I try to do my best with grammar and with following the rules of good writing, but like most, I sometimes slip up. Shaun caught all those slip ups I hadn’t, plus he offered many helpful comments, which I’ll take into account. My work is so much better thanks to Shaun’s help; I look forward to working with him again in the future.

A.J. Winters

I am impressed with Shaun’s editing, both in terms of the technical aspects of writing, like grammar, and substantive issues like story development. Aspects of my short story bothered me in a vague way, but I could never put my finger on the actual problems. After going in circles with rewrite after rewrite, I hired Shaun and he focused like a laser on the problem areas. The story is much stronger for the edit and will soon be on its way to market.

Robert MacAnthony