About Me

My name is Shaun Duke, and if you could describe my editing experience in one phrase, it would be “in the trenches.”  For nearly six years, I have taught college-level English, covering grammar and sentence structure, advanced argumentation, analytical writing, and even professional communication for multiple disciplines.  This experience makes me ideally suited for editing work, as my natural work environment involves interrogating documents for their strengths and flaws.  After seeing a thousand comma splices, they almost bleed off of the page!

Outside of the world of teaching, I am an active participant in the science fiction and fantasy community, both as a podcaster and as a blogger and reviewer.  Between my studies in English and my extensive reading within the sf/f community, I have a deep appreciation of the written word in its literary, academic, and professional formats.  For a detailed look at my experience, please see my resume page!

If you’re looking for someone who loves working with the English language, then I’m your guy!