I am impressed with Shaun’s editing, both in terms of the technical aspects of writing, like grammar, and substantive issues like story development. Aspects of my short story bothered me in a vague way, but I could never put my finger on the actual problems. After going in circles with rewrite after rewrite, I hired Shaun and he focused like a laser on the problem areas. The story is much stronger for the edit and will soon be on its way to market.


I’m glad I hired Shaun to be my editor: his dedication and attention to detail shines through. Like most writers, I try to do my best with grammar and with following the rules of good writing, but like most, I sometimes slip up. Shaun caught all those slip ups I hadn’t, plus he offered many helpful comments, which I’ll take into account. My work is so much better thanks to Shaun’s help; I look forward to working with him again in the future.


I used The Duke of Editing  to proofread my personal statement for my application to pharmacy school. I was very pleased with the fast and reliable service, which helped me to stand out and get accepted to competitive pharmacy schools. He helped transform my personal statement from something bland to intriguing. Thanks to Shaun, I was able to receive an interview at 9 out of 9 of the schools I applied for.